Grey/waste water can be utilised to your advantage.

One sometimes does not realise how much water is wasted. The water we refer to is shower, bath and basin water.

This water can safely be used to your advantage via a simple process whereby we divert this waste water into a filtration chamber, where it can then be pumped to water your garden.

The garden can be watered as regular as is necessary.


Heat pumps are revolutionary in generating hot water in the most cost effective manner, utilized globally for more than 30 years, a proven renewable technology.

Extracts heat energy from air, raises the temperature through the heat pump technology and transfers this heat energy to the circulating water to create hot water, quicker than any other green energy system.

Works in all weather, day & night, rain or sunshine, all year round.

Saves up to a maximum of 75% electricity usage and cost vs conventional electrical geysers.


Good clean waterfalls from our skies, why not use it?? Its free but very precious.

We install special rain water tanks from 500L to 10,000L above or below ground, with reliable pumping equipment  to enable you to utilise this ‘free’ water for whatever your needs dictate, irrigation ,drinking via purification systems, general house hold use etc.

An independent water supply will save money.


Solar energy can be termed as a constant and renewable energy that is less expensive than the energy created by the burning of fossil fuels which is extremely harmful to our environment.

The process of embracing solar energy is quite simple. The sun’s rays heat the water that is circulating around the solar panels that feed the geysers.

In summer it is obvious that the water temperature will be extremely high however due to our mild winters the sun still plays a major part in heating the water. The system is installed with a controller/timing device that ensures hot water when there is no sun at all.


Water quality can become a concerning health factor. There is strong evidence that some areas are more affected by poor water quality than others.

Our water purification systems will guarantee pure, healthy, and odourless water. We provide proof of water quality and maintain records to enable us to monitor filtration changes and service requirements.

We Offer the following options/systems

  1.     Reverse Osmosis
  2.     Carbon active filtration.
  3.     UV light filtration

We will provide whatever assistance and advise you need to ensure your choice of system that meets your specific needs.

Go GREEN with J Walker Plumbing green services

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"Our relationship with Johnny started at the end of 2009, with a small plumbing job, we were so impressed with his work that we decided to go ahead and install rainwater tanks with a view to harvesting and using rainwater in our home and garden, something we had been talking about for a year. Johnny then put in tanks that would collect 30,000L of rainwater, which also included a pump system and of course a filter system consisting of UV light filter and carbon active filters. This was an enormous undertaking and Johnny handled this project in a very professional manner. At the same time we installed a solar panel and geyser, these two projects have turned out to be a huge financial saving in the long run. We then decided to redecorate our bathroom and with Johnny's help,  he got the right people to complete a project we are immensely pleased with. We can fully recommend Johnny in any of these fields and know that like us, you too will be pleased, with whatever he undertakes."
Lynn & Dave Van Leeve


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